Sony HTA9_CEK Home Cinema System with Dolby Atmos & DTS:X


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Take sound to a whole new level with this Sony home theatre system. Featuring four speakers, exceptional audio quality, and the ability to place them anywhere in your room, the HTA9_CEK will transform all your music and movies.

H2: Astounding Sound

Get immersive sound from anywhere in the room with this home theatre system from Sony. Using revolutionary 360 Spatial Sound Mapping, this clever technology creates up to 12 phantom speakers from just four real ones. Surrounded on all sides and with an optimised sound field, you’ll hear every flap of a wing and gust of wind with incredible intensity. Transport yourself into the action no matter what you choose to watch with Sony.

Positioning the HTA9_CEK speakers wherever you like around your room will create audio straight out of the cinema. Place the control box near your TV and link it up via HDMI. The four speakers will then connect wirelessly to the control box so there are no cables across your living space.

What’s more, an ultra-wide listening area fills every part of your living space. Everyone will get the same sound experience, wherever they sit. There’s no need to arrange your furniture or precisely position your speakers. Using dual microphones in each speaker, they measure their height and position to completely envelope your room in stunning audio.

H2: Sony Design

Sony has designed the HTA9_CEK to fit your style. Using Sony’s Omnidirectional Block concept, each speaker fits perfectly against the wall with a flat rear surface. This enables you to mount them on the wall for a streamlined look. And, as they’re featured in light grey, they will blend perfectly with walls, shelves, and other furniture.

Use Chromecast and Apple Airplay 2 to access and stream all your favourite albums and playlists. You can even access Spotify Connect to really get the party going. What’s more, this home system is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa-enabled devices. Just add the HTA9 to your speaker group using the Google Home app to get going.

These speakers will go into standby mode after 20 minutes of inactive use – ideal for those keeping an eye on their energy usage. Plus, you can activate Sound Field Optimisation at any time by performing Easy Setup. These speakers will intelligently measure the distance between the speakers and the ceiling for smart and easy installation.

Level up your sound experience with the HTA9_CEK home theatre system from Sony. Its immersive technology will make you wonder how you ever lived without it. Get yours from Euronics today.