Samsung Series 8 SpaceMax™ RS68A884CSL/EU American-Style Smart Fridge Freezer – Aluminium


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  • SpaceMax™ technology
  • Twin Cooling Plus™
  • Smart Conversion™

Fit more of the food you love in this American Style fridge freezer from Samsung. SpaceMax technology works by making the walls slimmer, so the same size fridge on the outside has a larger capacity inside – all without compromising on performance. To keep food fresh, take advantage of Twin Cooling Plus which offers precise temperature control. Your vegetables won’t dry out and food odours won’t mix. What’s more, the RS68A884CSL features Smart Conversion. This allows you to switch between five temperature modes to suit your storage needs. Convert freezer space into fridge space and more for super flexible storage.

Additional information

Weight 133 kg
Dimensions Height: 178 cm
Width: 91.2 cm
Depth: 71.6 cm